Denstone® deltaP® Support Media

Denstone® deltaP® support media was designed by Saint-Gobain NorPro to add value to your fixed bed catalyst application. Because of its unique shape, only two layers of Denstone® deltaP® media are required to retain even the smallest catalyst sizes. 

How Denstone® deltaP® Works

When used to replace spherical bed support in your reactor, Denstone® deltaP® media eliminates the need for layers of costly 3mm and 6mm spheres. Its engineered shape also simplifies layering configurations, reduces unit pressure drop and can increase the available space inside your reactor.  When used for more catalyst capacity, that additional space can mean increased throughput, longer service life and greater profit.

Laboratory reactor simulations confirm that the P1 size of Denstone® deltaP® media, with a typical diameter of 11.5mm, effectively retains a bed of 1/20 in. catalyst with no migration into the support layer.  Only one additional layer of support, Denstone® deltaP® P2 media, is needed as a bottom layer to fill the remainder of the bed.  For vessels where smaller diameter filling and dump ports limit the bed support to a maximum of ¾” media, the P1.4 size of Denstone® deltaP® support is used as a bottom layer to fill the bed.  Without the need for intermediate layers, the volume of support media may be reduced and valuable space in your reactor made available for increased catalyst capacity. 

Performance Advantages of Denstone® deltaP® Media

  • Reduced support media volume may free up valuable space in the reactor for more catalyst
  • Greater catalyst capacity can improve reactor performance
  • Layers of costly small spheres may be eliminated, resulting in a lower fill cost
  • The unique shape and reduction of layers can decrease pressure drop by 50% across the support media
  • Fewer support media layers mean a faster, less complicated loading


deltap example
Illustration above demonstrates typical support media loading configuration, not to scale.
Denstone® deltaP® shaped support media
Physical Properties



Typical Diameter


Crush Strength*











P1 0.453 11.5 500 227 2224
P1.4 0.686 17.4 750 340 3336
P2 1.22 31.0 1500 680 6672
Typical Chemistry
  min% max%
SiO2 67.0 77.0
Al2O3 18.0 26.0
Fe2O2 - 1.7
TiO2 - 1.5
CaO - 1.0
MgO - 1.0
Na2O - 2.0
K2O - 6.0
Al2O3 + SiO2 90.0 96.0
Other Properties
Leachable Iron ≤ 0.1%
Water Absorption ≤ 6.0%
Maximum Operating  Temperature Max 1000ºC
MOHS Hardness > 6.5
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Denstone® deltaP® support media
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