NorPro® Heat Transfer Saddles

Saint-Gobain NorPro’s tradition of providing technologically advanced solutions for Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers began over 60 years ago with the original Intalox® Saddle.  We continue to serve you by producing our high quality saddles to those same specifications and have engineered multiple specialty formulations offering optimal performance through their ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures and corrosive atmospheres.

Hear Transfer Saddle Materials

Tailoring thermal shock and corrosion resistance for specific applications provides you with the longest media life and unmatched value.

Our heat transfer Saddles are available in a variety of formulations to suit your application:

  • Proware™: our standard RTO media formulation
  • Pharmaware™: a formulation specifically designed to withstand chloro- and fluorohydrocarbon species up to 1200oC

Intalox® is a registered trademark of Koch-Glitsch


Proware™ Saddles-Typical Properties

Maximum Operating Temperature 1100°C
Thermal Conductivity 2.49
Specific Heat (J/[kg*K] @ 800ºC 1570
Crush Strength 120 lbs. min. (54.5 kg)
Bulk Density 43 lbs/ft(688.5 kg/m3)

Pharmaware™ Saddles-Typical Properties

Maximum Operating Temperature 1200°C
Thermal Conductivity 2.14
Specific Heat (J/[kg*K] @ 800ºC 1789
Crush Strength 120 lbs. min. (54.5 kg)
Bulk Density 38 lbs/ft(608 kg/m3)
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