Denstone® 2000 Support Media

If your operation includes hydroprocessing applications, no other support media will perform better than Saint-Gobain NorPro’s Denstone® 2000 support media.  Our patented formula was developed specifically for the demanding environments of hydrocracking processes to provide you with supreme reliability and survival through all of your processes.

Denstone 2000® was developed specifically for the demanding environments of hydrocracking processes to provide you with:

  • Unmatched survival in rapid depressurization – Denstone® 2000 leads the pack in survival after thermal cycling and rapid depressurization in hydroprocessing applications.  Our engineered microstructure provides these spheres with the strength they need to survive.  After being heated to 850°F (455ºC) at 1500 psi hydrogen, then depressurized instantly to ambient pressure, over 99% of the Denstone 2000 ceramic support media remained intact, compared to only 25% survival of the competing support media.
  • Superior impact resistance and compressive strength – Safeguard against the channeling and plugging of your bed or fouling of your catalyst caused by chipping and breakage with the use of Denstone® 2000.  The superior strength and impact resistance of these spheres allow them to remain intact during the process of loading your bed and throughout the operation of your unit.  Denstone® 2000 spheres have demonstrated their ability to maintain their structure by sustaining a 76% higher impact force in drop tests than the competition and surviving 100% of free fall drop tests performed.
  • High thermal shock resistance – Denstone® 2000 spheres are the best at retaining their compressive strength after being heated to temperatures as high as 1500o F (815ºC) then quenched with water at room temperature; proven with 61% greater crush strength after quenching than that of the competition.  
Denstone 2000® Provides Unmatched survival in rapid depressurization
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