Our Products

Over the years Saint-Gobain NorPro has developed a number of innovative products that have helped our customers to improve their performance and bottom line. 

Reliable Solutions for Increased Performance

Our Denstone® support media, which was developed more than 50 years ago, is a well-known support media brand today thanks to its unrivaled high-quality and reliability. Over the years Denstone has evolved and additional products including Denstone® 2000, Denstone® 99 and Denstone® DeltaP® have been created to support a variety of applications. 

Our catalyst carriers are used widely thanks to our in-depth understanding and experience in developing carriers coupled with our ability to partner with our customers and co-develop carriers that meet the specific needs of their applications. Accu® spheres catalyst carriers, one of our newest innovations, are being used to help support renewable energy development. 

Related products include our innovative MacroTrap® guard bed media and Pentaring hold down media, both of which help to improve reactor performance by decreasing pressure drop. 

For mass transfer applications, we offer our Aludur® support assemblies, saddles and rings. For RTO/Heat Transfer applications we offer a variety of RTO packings in various shapes and properties that help customers extend media life and lower operating costs. 

In addition we have the capability to provide a variety of services that allow our customers to take advantage of our ceramics manufacturing expertise. 

Contact us today to talk about your specific application and together we will find or develop the right solution.