Mass Transfer

Saint-Gobain NorPro has a history of being a product innovator in the mass transfer industry beginning with the development of the original Intalox® saddle over 60 years ago.  Today we offer optimum durability and chemical resistance through our Proware™ ceramic mass transfer media and Aludur® support assemblies. 

Superior Stoneware

Our proprietary formulas are mechanically stronger, less porous, and have superior resistance to alkalis, solvents, and acids (except hydrofluoric acid) versus typical stoneware.  

Aludur® Support Assemblies:  Saint-Gobain NorPro developed its Aludur® ceramic to provide the added strength necessary for larger shapes, such as grid bars and support plates. This material is approximately three times stronger than Proware ceramic with equal or better corrosion resistance. The Aludur formulation is resistant to thermal shock, an important characteristic for large, monolithic ceramic parts.

Proware Mass Transfer Media:  Saint-Gobain NorPro’s Proware™ silica-alumina ceramic formulation is used in the manufacture of high strength, low porosity saddles, Raschig rings, grid blocks and cross partition rings. Proware ceramic is virtually iron-free and its finely grained microstructure makes it more chemically resistant than typical stoneware products. Proware chemical ceramic is the standard material for all Saint-Gobain NorPro mass transfer packings. Our Proware™ Grid Blocks and Proware™ Cross Partition rings should be used as secondary support with bars placed in 8 in. centers or 6 in. centers.

Intalox® is a registered trademark of Koch-Glitsch

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Aludur® support assemblies
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Proware™ Mass Transfer Packings