Accu® spheres

Saint-Gobain NorPro's new "micro" sized Accu® sphere catalyst carriers meet the industry's ever-growing demand for small diameter spherical catalyst carriers for catalytic systems with its 0.3mm to 4.0mm size range. This new size range provides high-geometric surface area, uniform packing and even flow distribution for use in slurry or moving bed reactors, especially where coking and constant catalyst generation is required.  

    Accu® spheres Offer Endless Options

    Accu spheres are available in multiple formulations, compositions and properties, including an expanded variety of chemistries and mixed oxides (alumina, silica, titania, zirconia) tailored to meet exact customer requirements.  

    Accu® spheres' Key Attributes

    • Narrow size distribution
    • Excellent control to average particle size
    • Control of porosity
    • Alumina, silica, titania, zirconia and mixed oxides
    • A gradient of chemistries within each particle is possible
    Typical Size Distribution
    Accu spheres size distribution
    Size Capability
    Accu spheres size capability
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