Denstone® 57 Support Media

Saint-Gobain NorPro’s Denstone® 57 support media is the world’s first choice in bed supports.  It has remained the industry standard for over 70 years with its consistent and unparalleled reliability as support for molecular sieve, silica gel and alumina adsorbent and desiccant beds, hydroprocessing and desulphurization of sour feedstreams by the Claus process. 

Benefits of Denstone® 57

Denstone® 57 support media provides you with the peace of mind that your significant investment in catalyst is safe from common problems associated with low quality support media.  The high quality of our support media allows your catalyst to achieve optimum performance and an extended life.  You can trust that the seamless monolithic structure of Denstone® 57 media will not have adverse effects on your operating performance because of chips, splits, spalls, cracks, or dust.  Additionally, Denstone® 57 media will:

  • Provide high thermal shock resistance – Denstone® 57 spheres retain their physical properties after being exposed to thermal cycling. 
  • Prevent poisoning of your catalyst – Denstone® 57 spheres are free of sulfur, boron, and other common catalytic poisons and have a leachable iron content of less than 0.1%. 
  • Prevent contamination of your catalyst –Denstone® 57 supports have maximum resistance to attrition, minimizing the risk of contamination of your catalyst bed.   
  • Prevent plugging of your bed –Denstone® 57 balls' dependable structure will remain intact and will prevent fouling and plugging of the catalyst bed and while keeping pressure drop low and the efficiency of your unit high.
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