Denstone® 99 Alumina Support Balls

When you need a support media to withstand the extreme environments in petrochemical or ammonia processing, look no further than Saint-Gobain NorPro’s Denstone® 99 high alumina support media.  The purity and high strength of Denstone® 99 support media make it ideal for high temperature and steam applications.  The minimal silica content allows Denstone® 99 support media to be chemically inert to prevent fouling of your catalyst bed or coating of downstream equipment.   

Benefits of Denstone® 99 Support Media
  • High purity – Denstone® 99 support balls are 99+% alpha alumina.  With a maximum silica content of only 0.2% Denstone® 99 protects your catalyst bed and downstream equipment from fouling and coating caused by leached silica. 
  • Excellent thermal properties – Due to their high density, Denstone® 99 spheres can withstand temperatures up to 1650oC, so they are an excellent choice for heat retention and equilibration media.
  • Superior chemical resistance – Denstone® 99 spheres can withstand the harsh environments of applications with olefin processes, such as ethylene dryers, where polymerization could be a problem with a less chemically resistant material.
  • High strength – Denstone® 99 balls are manufactured to eliminate spalling and delamination within your reactor and prevents the occurrence of chipping, protecting your bed from plugging associated with the collection of splinters and fines. 
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