MacroTrap® Guard Bed Media

Is pressure drop forcing you to shut down to skim your catalyst bed more frequently? Saint-Gobain NorPro has just the solution to keep your reactor up and running with its MacroTrap® guard bed media. This relieves refiners from replacing costly catalyst, which then improves overall operations and profitability of the reactor.

MacroTrap® Protects Your Catalyst Bed

Particulates in the reactor's catalyst bed will settle and the catalyst can become plugged in a short amount of time. The result is that pressure drop increases and reactor performance declines, requiring the refiner to shut down while the fouled catalyst is replaced.    

MacroTrap® guard bed media are highly macroporous ceramic materials which work by trapping particulates and soluble iron in the very large pores before they reach the catalyst bed. MacroTrap guard bed media provides proven benefits:

  • Premature shutdowns avoided
  • Life of catalyst bed is significantly extended
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Overall, more efficient reactor operation
MacroTrap® XPore 80

Saint-Gobain NorPro's MacroTrap® XPore 80 guard bed media is the latest generation of catalyst protection for refiners.  The "XPore 80" name indicates that macropores account for ~80% of total pore volume.  This is significant as it permits filtering an extended range of particulate contaminant sizes. Extended benefits of MacroTrap® XPore 80 media include:

  • Macropores trap larger particulate matter with 3x to 5x more pickup
  • Micropores trap particulates as small as 3 µm to 120 µm
  • Tortuous path improves trapping performance of contaminants
  • Retains the strength and attrition appropriate for the application
  • Lower density reduces fill cost
macrotrap magnification
Typical Properties Comparison



MacroTrap® 1.5

MacroTrap® XPore 80



Target Properties

Target Properties

Surface Area


> 1.50

0.25 max

Water Absorption


> 40

> 45

Packing Density


721 max

513 max

Pore Volume Pores > 10 µm

(Hg) cc/gm

> 0.15

> 0.40

Crush Strength




6 mm


2.3 min

2.0 min

8 mm


4.5 min

4.5 min

10 mm


6.8 min

6.0 min

MacroTrap® XPore 80 - Particulate Deposits
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Macrotrap® guard bed media

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Macrotrap® guard bed media