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Saint-Gobain NorPro is the largest supplier of merchant catalyst carriers in the world.  It’s not products, but solutions, that our customers have come to expect. We have a profound understanding of catalysis and catalytic applications and a definitive knowledge of catalyst carriers.  We deliver products that deliver improved Catalysts with ever improved Selectivity, Activity and Extended Life. 

Co-Development is Key to Catalyst Carrier Innovation & Success

Our commitment to developing custom catalyst carriers began nearly 70 years ago. We develop the ideal carriers, and our catalyst customers take the carriers and add metals and dopants to create finished catalysts for use in fixed bed processing units or slurry bed reactors.

More than 90% of our sales are related to custom catalyst carrier projects. We work exclusively with our catalyst clients to engineer the physical and chemical properties needed -- from a range of raw materials and shapes -- for each specific application requirement. 

Our development efforts with catalyst clients and processors ultimately benefits catalyst selectivityactivity, and life of the catalyst.  Improvements in this area can equate to substantial savings in the range of millions of dollars a year in a large-scale plant.

Selectivity  +  Activity  +  Life

selectivity activity life
Development and Production

We are experts in catalyst carrier development and production with a multitude of capabilities:

Raw material selection 

Materials science technology

Tailored carrier properties / chemistry

Forming technology

Firing technologies

Scale-up from our semi-works facility

Consistent large-scale production

Catalyst Customization Request
Scale Up Type
Quantity Requirements
Reactor Test Scale
New or Replacement Catalyst
New or Existing Process
Identify the chemical to be produced and the market served.
Quantity Required
Timing of First Commercial Charge
New or Existing Plant / Reactor
Catalytic Products

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Catalytic Products