Bed Topping Media

Saint-Gobain NorPro supplies a variety of materials that not only reduce initial pressure drop at installation but also extend catalyst life by not allowing pressure drop to build during operation.

These include the traditional graded beds of Denstone® support media, but also advanced filtering materials and shapes that are under constant development.

Hold Down Media

Saint-Gobain NorPro offers a variety of hold down media to meet your bed topping needs.

Our Pentaring shaped media provide a substantial improvement in pressure drop when used as a bed topping media in a graded bed.

Our MacroTrap® guard bed media are highly macroporous ceramic materials that work by trapping particulates and soluble iron in the very large pores before they reach the catalyst bed - helping to extend the life of your catalyst bed. 

A more traditional approach to bed topping is through the use of Denstone® spherical or shaped media.

  • Denstone® deltaP® – The unique shape provides improved operating performance and cost-saving bottom line results through reduced pressure drop and fewer layers of media.

  • Denstone® 2000 – This media offers unmatched impact resistance, thermal  shock, crush strength and survivability.  This outstanding combination of properties make Denstone 2000 support media the product of choice for more severe hydroprocessing applications such as hydrocracking, or when an extra degree of reliability is required.

  • Denstone® 57 – The most widely used support media in the world due to its unparalleled consistency and reliability, making it the industry standard.

  • Denstone® 99 – Our high alumina sphere is the industry's most reliable product for applications demanding a chemically inert body with excellent thermo-mechanical shock resistance properties.  


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