History and Innovation: Denstone® Spheres and Denstone® deltaP® Shaped Support Media

Saint-Gobain NorPro set the industry standard for quality and structural integrity over 70 years ago with the introduction of Denstone® support media for fixed catalyst bed applications. Our support media is utilized in petrochemical, gas processing, refining and chemical plants all around the world to provide consistent, worry-free support of catalysts of all sizes and materials.

Denstone® - Reliability Delivered
denstone spheres and denstone delta p shaped media

Denstone® support media allows the catalyst user to focus on optimizing their catalyst and reactor performance, knowing that the support media they use will have the same higher performance every time.

Saint-Gobain NorPro’s dedicated Research and Development team designed Denstone products for superior reliability. From formulation to raw material selection to production, our quality standards are consistent across the entire manufacturing process. Thanks to its consistent high-quality, high-strength, nonreactive design, Denstone® support media prevents fouling or plugging of the catalyst bed and poisoning of the catalyst that can lead to downtime or increased operating costs.

Through the years, Saint-Gobain NorPro has created an extensive range of Denstone® bed support media, including Denstone® 57, Denstone® 2000, Denstone® 99, and its revolutionary bed support technology -- Denstone® deltaP® media.

Our diverse product line allows for you to choose the right support media to maximize your reactor’s performance without sacrificing the consistency and quality that Denstone® media has provided for decades.

Additionally, no matter where you are in the world, Saint-Gobain NorPro can provide Denstone® catalyst support to your site. Our manufacturing technologies have been selected and perfected over many years to yield the same performance and consistent quality from all of our regional manufacturing locations.

Denstone® Support Media Product Family
Avoid Plugging

Saint-Gobain NorPro’s patented Denstone® support media technology ensures seamless, monolithic spheres which eliminates splitting and spalling. Plugging of the catalyst bed is prevented, optimizing the process efficiency by keeping the pressure drop low and the catalyst activity high.

Catalyst Performance

Our media shapes are engineered to maximize resistance to erosion and attrition and thus minimize the possibility of catalyst contamination. Denstone® material formulations are designed to be free of media sulfur, boron and other common catalytic poisons. Leachable Iron, chlorides, and sulfur can also be a poison to many catalysts, and are controlled through our material and process design. Denstone® 2000, 57, and deltaP® media have been developed to have a leachable iron (Fe2O3) content of less than 0.1 wt%, while our high alumina Denstone® 99 product has a maximum iron content of 0.20 wt%. Tests establish that leachable chlorides and sulfur are each less than 1 ppm by weight for both crushed and uncrushed Denstone media.

By ensuring that no catalyst poison is introduced to the process, your catalyst is able to perform optimally for its full expected life. Additionally, by avoiding severe upsets such as plant shut downs, catalyst replacement and reinstallation and loss of throughput, Denstone® support media allows you to minimize your operating costs and keep the unit producing.

Thermal Shock Resistance

Due to our engineered formulations, Denstone® supports will retain their physical properties when exposed to thermal cycling. Poor quality spheres will break, chip or spall, leading to adverse process efficiency and increased operating costs.

Consistent Performance

Denstone® support media from any of our three regional sites (United States, Germany, and China) are engineered to provide the same performance. Our processes are validated by external ISO and other certifications to ensure that regardless of where you are located, Denstone® support media will give you the same high level of confidence and performance.

Denstone® support media

Denstone® support media brochure, includes information on Denstone® products, including Denstone® 57, Denstone® 2000, Denstone® deltaP® and Denstone® 99.

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Data Sheets
Denstone® deltaP® support media

Datasheet for Denstone® deltaP® support media, contains product information and specifications

PDF | 2 pages | 1.22 MB
Data Sheets
Denstone® 2000 support media

Datasheet for Denstone® 2000 support media, contains product information and specifications

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Data Sheets
Denstone® 57 support media spheres

Datasheet for Denstone® 57 support media spheres, includes product information and specs

PDF | 2 pages | 571.53 KB
Data Sheets
Denstone® 99 support balls

Datasheet for Denstone 99 support media, included product details and specifications

PDF | 2 pages | 378.35 KB
Data Sheets
Denstone® Media loading

document with detailed instructions for loading Denstone® support media

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Ceramic Products Handling and Storage

Ceramic Products Handling and Storage Guidelines for Denstone®, MacroTrap®, Pentarings, Proware™ saddles, rings, raschig rings, grid blocks, cross

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