Improving Sustainability and Performance Through Innovative Solutions

Our corporate mission at Saint-Gobain is to make the world a better home. Our customers rely on the passion, expertise and diversity of our team to overcome their toughest challenges – including decarbonization of their products. Based on our material expertise, co-development with customers, and digitalization, we develop solutions to create a higher performing and more sustainable industry. We help our customers accelerate their energy transition road map and improve the wellbeing of all with our innovative solutions.


Saint-Gobain is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and becoming a carbon neutral business by 2050. In order to help meet that goal, we have set a number of milestone targets that we are working to achieve by 2030. We will reduce our Scope 1 & 2 emissions by as at least 33% of current levels and reduce our Scope 3 emissions by at least 20 percent.

Together, We Engineer a Better, Safer and More Sustainable World.

We developed a sustainability roadmap for the 2030 goals that include a number of projects and initiatives that will help us to reduce our carbon impact. Our entire team is working together to measure our impact and finding ways to minimize that impact including:

  • Utilizing renewable energy sources wherever possible to power our facilities – some of our plants are already using 60-100% renewable electricity.
  • Investigating new technologies that will allow us to reduce our direct emissions such as carbon capture and green hydrogen as an energy source.
  • Participating in the circular economy by recycling our products and using recycled materials in our processes wherever possible. We are also completing Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs) for all our products.
  • Reducing our transportation emissions by providing customers with regionalized plants that reduce shipping emissions and looking for shipping efficiencies internally and with our suppliers. Among our workforce we have reduced business travel and commuting.
  • Co-developing with our customers to reduce the carbon impact of their product. By developing products that have increased selectivity, activity and extended life, together we create an efficiency of the catalyst that minimizes the formation of CO2. For example, over the last 30 years, approximately 40 million MT of CO2 emissions were avoided due to the improvements in performance of NorPro catalyst carriers.
  • Working together with our customers, suppliers and other partners we develop solutions that help to minimize the formation of CO2 such as our innovative Accu® spheres technology.