October 26, 2020

Bryan Manufacturing Facility Recognized with the 2020 EHS Diamond Award

Saint-Gobain NorPro's Site in Bryan, Texas Receives Global Recognition as the Recipient of the 2020 EHS Diamond Award

The Saint-Gobain NorPro facility located in Bryan, Texas, has been recognized by the Global EHS community and was awarded a 2020 Diamond Award by the Diamond, Rubies, and Emeralds International Juries. View the full recording of the Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds Awards Ceremony.

The Bryan, TX, team knew that the installation of a new tunnel kiln posed various safety risks. They also understood the importance of following the Control of Contractors and Management of Change in order to make the project a success.

The project highlighted the importance of EHS involvement right from the start—as they were able to identify many safety variables from the engineering of the project, all the way through to the installation of the kiln. The goal of the tunnel kiln is to be used for firing catalytic product at the Bryan site.

As the equipment was being built, the team—alongside EHS—took extra precautionary steps by visiting the manufacturer in Mexico. By doing so, this step helped identify and resolve any safety concerns before the finished product was shipped to the plant.

Once the contractors arrived on site, not only was continuous EHS monitoring happening throughout installation, the team was heavily involved with on-site bilingual training. Because this training was conducted in both English and Spanish, this ensured complete understanding of EHS requirements, while also supporting safe work practices for all Spanish-speaking workers. The Bryan, TX, team was able to overcome language and cultural differences regarding safe work practices.

The reproducibility of this project and integration into a site’s Control of Contractor’s program can ensure that the proper attention and partnership is provided to all on-site contractor led projects, no matter the size. As far as the accomplishment of this project, the team is pleased with the outcome of the kiln and pride their ongoing dedication to safety.

“The 2020 Diamond Award is a great accomplishment for the Bryan team and another step in the direction toward EHS greatness,” says Phil Goodwin, EHS Manager of the Saint-Gobain NorPro Bryan, TX, site. “I am blessed to be a small part of this awesome team!”

Congratulations to the NorPro Bryan, TX, team for achieving this prestigious award.

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