RTO Media

Optimize your Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer’s (RTO) performance with Saint-Gobain NorPro’s advanced heat transfer media.  Saint-Gobain NorPro has developed and manufactured more heat transfer media than any other company in the world.  Our expertise began with the development of the original Intalox® Saddles and has grown to include a variety of innovative products which allow you to get the most out of your RTO. 

Highly Effective RTO Media Shapes

Our patented, engineered shapes address problems with

  • pressure drop (ΔP)
  • thermal efficiency
  • plugging and channeling
  • fouling 

In addition to our unique shapes, we offer several technologically advanced ceramic formulations which ensure maximum resistance to corrosion, thermal shock, and fouling.

  • PROWARE™: Originally developed for use as a mass transfer packing in acid applications, Proware™ material has had good success in heat transfer applications.  The Proware™ body is a finely grained microstructure that is mechanically stronger, less porous, and considerably more acid resistant than typical stoneware-type products.
  • PHARMAWARE™: This material is specifically designed to withstand chloro- and fluorohydrocarbon species up to 1200oC, such as found in pharmaceutical applications.
  • ALKAWARE®: The unmatched alkali resistance and excellent thermal properties of Alkaware® have established it as the industry standard in the wood products industry, especially oriented strand board (OSB) dryer RTOs.

Our shapes and formulations allow you to tailor a solution to suit your specific application, providing you with superior value through a combination of improved unit performance and reduced energy needs – resulting in an extended media life and lower operating costs.

Whether you are working with OSB, pharmaceuticals, paint, or other applications we have the best heat transfer media to let you get the most out of your RTO.






Thermal Shock Good Better Best
Hi-Temperature Resistance Good Best Better
Acid Resistance Best Good Not Recommended
Alkali Resistance Not Recommended Not Recommended Best
Halide Resistance Not Recommended Best Not Recommended
Available Shapes HexPak™



 Intalox® is a registered trademark of Koch-Glitsch

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