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Thermal and Heat Management Media

Snowflake™ Heat Transfer Media

Snowflake™ Heat Transfer Media

Snowflake Media

Snowflake™ Heat Transfer Media -- Highest Cost Savings

Snowflake™ media reduces pressure drop over saddles and Ty-Pak® media for greater cost savings. Due to its open structure and short channel path length, Snowflake™ media's engineered shape has primarily been used in applications where fouling conditions exist in the process gas stream.


Need Help with Heat Transfer Media Selection?

It's no secret that high energy costs eat away at profitability.  But did you know that the proper RTO media significantly improves your energy usage and overall unit performance?  We can show you how to increase your bottom line by upgrading your current ceramic media with more thermally efficient Saint-Gobain NorPro heat transfer media.  Only Saint-Gobain NorPro can offer you an in-depth analysis of your RTO process using our powerful proprietary simulation software, comparative studies of various heat transfer media, and cost comparisons.  Saint-Gobain NorPro's proprietary RTO Process Simulation software was built using empirical data, coupled with theoretical heat transfer modeling.  We can work with you to simulate your operating conditions and determine which product and/or material will optimize your RTO performance.

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