Saint-Gobain NorPro
Natural Gas Processing

The price of natural gas seems to be continually increasing, requiring gas processing systems to become ever more cost competitive and efficient.


Saint-Gobain NorPro provides high-technology ceramics utilized in various natural gas conditioning processes.

Bed Topping Media

Saint-Gobain NorPro's top bed solutions provide an effective barrier against fouling and premature deactivation of the main catalyst in order to maximize unit cycle length.  In addition, they are optimized to provide lower pressure drop and improved flow distribution.

Denstone® Ceramic Support Media

Denstone® support media -- the leading absorbent and desiccant support in the industry.  Denstone support media will not plug or contaminate catalyst beds and will withstand extreme thermal shock and rapid depressurization without breaking.

MacroTrap® Guard Bed Media

MacroTrap® guard bed media are used for the prevention of premature pressure drop rise caused by particulate deposition on catalyst and absorbent beds.